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An in-depth Outlook on AEDs

Having a healthy heart entails more than just doing cardio workouts and eating healthy. Most institutions are recognizing the risks of hear failure on their grounds. In fact, around 350,000 individuals lose their lives every year because of cardiac arrest. The arrest occurs when there is an interruption of the heartbeat and the heart muscles quiver or stop pumping stops. It takes less than 10 minutes for a victim to succumb to the condition. The arrests take place unexpectedly and many die before they reach the emergency room. Thus, urgent medical assistance is needed to save lives. Luckily, many lives can be saved by medical devices known as AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) if they are available when the accident happens. Can an AED be Used on an Infant? Know here.

The device works by sending an electric shock that is sufficient to kick start the normal heartbeat. When the shock is delivered within 3 minutes of the attack, the survival rate of a patient is increased to about 75%. The AED device is a technological advancement that is portable making it available to patients when they need it. It is small and can be operated with one hand. They can be use by both trained and untrained people to attend to a person who suffers a cardiac arrest. The devices come with operator guides with audio visual prompts and users are freed from the pressure of making medical decisions. However, the devices do not replace the need for medical assistance. The patient still needs medical care to be restored back to health. However, not all AEDs work for children. Those that work have their pads attached to attenuators. Read more great facts, click here

Some states have put forward AED laws that make it compulsory for schools, churches and other institutions to have the devices. Such laws protect the public that use the devices on patients from any liability. That is because some people that are against the use of AEDs claim that they are a risk especially if used by people that are not trained. That helps reduce the fear on users saving a lot of lives. However, a report needs to be written each time the AED device is used to save a life. The record helps doctors to carry out the necessary procedures when the patient reaches hospital. Also, the report can be presented in court as evidence when need be.

In case you are wondering where to find the devices, there are AEDs for sale in the market. You can get them from local outlets or shop for them online. Ensure that you get them from legit sellers at an affordable price. Please view this site for further details.